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AARP Income Tax Aide Program


Provides free tax preparation assistance to low- or moderate-income individuals with a special focus on tax payers who are ages 50 years or older.

Oneida County Locations:

AARP Parkway Center - Open February 7, 2023 - April 13, 2023
Tuesday and Wedensday, 9 AM - 1 PM
220 Memorial Parkway, Utica, NY 13501
Appointment required: Call 315-223-3973 to schedule an appointment

Eligibility: Low- or moderate-income individuals with a special focus on tax payers who are ages 50 years or older

Application Process: Appointment required; call for information

Required Documentation:

- Previous two year’s tax return(s)

- All correspondence received from the IRS and your state/local taxing authority

- Social Security cards and/or ITIN notices/cards or other official documentation that show the taxpayer identification numbers for every individual on your return

- Government-issued photo ID for each taxpayer

- Checking or savings account information if you want to direct deposit any refund(s) or direct debit any amounts due

- Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) (for each individual if applicable)


- W-2 for each employer

- 1099-G form for unemployment compensation or state/local income tax refunds

- SSA-1099 form showing the total Social Security benefits paid to you for the year, or RRB-1099, Tier 1 Railroad Retirement benefits form

- 1099 forms (or other statements) reporting interest (1099-INT), dividends (1099-DIV) and/or proceeds from sales (1099-B), plus documentation showing the original purchase prices if you sold stocks or other assets

- 1099-R form if you received a pension, annuity, or IRA distribution

- 1099-MISC, 1099-K, or other 1099 forms; if you have a business, bring a summary list of all your income (cash and non-cash) and all business-related expenses

- Information about any other income of any form including cash

- IRS letter 6475 detailing the Economic Impact Payment (stimulus) amounts received

- IRS letter 6419 detailing any Advance Child Tax Credit received


- Records of any federal and/or state and/or local income tax paid (including quarterly estimated tax payments) if not shown on income documents


- 1098 form showing home mortgage interest

- A summary list of medical/dental/vision expenses including doctor and hospital bills and medical insurance premiums, prescription medicines, assisted living services, long-term insurance and bills for medical related home improvements such as ramps and railings for people with disabilities

- Summary of cash and noncash contributions to charity

- Property tax bills paid during the year (frequently shown on mortgage statement)

Health Insurance:

- 1095-A forms if you purchased insurance through the Marketplace (Exchange)


- Dependent care provider information – name, address, telephone number and employer ID or Social Security number and amount paid to provider

- 1098-T form for education expenses plus statement of account from the educational institution showing tuition and fees actually paid and scholarships, grants, etc. received; also bring a summary of any other education expenses

- 1098-E form for student loan interest

Fees: None

Herkimer, Madison, and Oneida counties


AARP is a national nonprofit organization that serves Americans ages 50 and older.

601 E Street NW
Washington DC 20049


Hours: M-F 9:00AM-5:00PM




601 E Street NW
Washington DC 20049


Visit site for hours and location details

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