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Bankruptcy Advice Helpline


* Provides a free consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer to discuss options for debt relief under bankruptcy protection.

* Determines if bankruptcy will provide a fresh start to eliminate debts, stop foreclosure, or find relief from medical debts and credit card debt.

Eligibility: Open to everyone facing troubling debt.

Application Process: Call for assistance.

Required Documentation: No documentation initially required.

Fees: No fee for service.

United States.

CareConnect USA

CareConnect USA manages several helplines for families to find financial assistance and addiction treatment.

2019 Sandy Pond Lane
Waxhaw NC 28173

Website: www.careconnectusa.org

Hours: Financial Helplines are M-F 9:00AM-6:00PM SA 10:00AM-2:00PM
Rehab Helpline for Drugs and Alcohol, 24 hours


800-379-0985 (Free Bankruptcy Advice)

Email: info@careconnectusa.org

Website: www.careconnectusa.org/free-bankruptcy-advice

2019 Sandy Pond Lane
Waxhaw NC 28173



This program is offered at this site:

CareConnect USA

Main Address:

2019 Sandy Pond Lane

Waxhaw NC 28173

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