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  • Who can use 2-1-1?
    Everyone. 2-1-1 MID-YORK is for everyday needs and critical information during and after a local or national crisis, disaster or tragedy.
  • Where is 2-1-1 available?
    2-1-1 Mid-York covers Madison, Oneida and Herkimer counties via landline or cell phone. 2-1-1 is available throughout New York State and the United States.
  • How do I access 2-1-1?
    Simply dial 2-1-1 or 1-844-342-5211 or search for the resources you need using our Selected Search Topics or by Keyword Search.

What Organizations Are Listed in 2-1-1?

To maintain certification with the Alliance for Information and Referral Systems, the national organization that accredits information and referral programs, 2-1-1 Mid-York follows an Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria (PDF). This criteria outlines what characteristics qualify an organization to be listed with 2-1-1.

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Funding and Support Partners


There is no cost for using 2-1-1 Mid-York's services. No fees are charged to the organizations that are listed in 2-1-1 Mid-York’s database. The expense of 2-1-1 is not added to your telephone bill. 2-1-1 Mid-York is funded by NYS government agency grants and designated contributions to the United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica Area, Inc. Local donations play a critical role in fully funding 2-1-1 Mid-York. Consider making a tax deductable contribution to support 2-1-1 Mid-York today.

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United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica, Inc. was awarded the designation of bringing 2-1-1 to Madison, Oneida and Herkimer Counties in September 2014. This designation came after more than one year of research by United Way staff as they sought to bring this service to the area. That research led to the identification of the call center that would eventually be contracted with to provide 2-1-1 Mid-York’s contact center service.

2-1-1 Mid-York turned on the phone on January 1, 2015. It held its public launch on February 11, 2015. With this launch 2-1-1 Mid-York joined other 2-1-1 services throughout NYS that provide state-wide service to NYS residents. In addition to 100% of NYS having 2-1-1, 92.6% of the United States also has this important service.

Volunteers – From a Dream to Reality

A 2-1-1 service for Madison, Herkimer and Oneida Counties had been discussed for more than 10 years, but its eventual delivery was rapid in coming once UWVGUA staff, Brenda Episcopo, CEO and Robin Robinson, Community Investment Director realized the impact it would have on the area. Many community assessments had pointed to the need for a centralized information and referral system. With the support of the membership of the Information and Referral Sub-Committee of the Oneida County Youth Services Council, Episcopo and Robinson explored how this dream could become a reality. The Youth Council’s Information and Referral Committee soon transformed into the 2-1-1 Mid-York Committee. With their vision of a first-rate, accredited information and referral service in mind, the 2-1-1 Committee and UWVGUA staff quickly broadened the committee membership to encompass representatives from Madison and Herkimer Counties too. Soon with the additional boost of funding from NYS and the guidance of 2-1-1 NYS and UWNYS, 2-1-1 Mid-York was a reality.

Mid-York Committee

Like the original committee that had a vision for what could be, our work still is informed and supported by active volunteers. The 2-1-1 Mid-York Committee continues its work today, committed to providing the best possible information and referral service to Madison, Oneida and Herkimer County residents. Committee members help with advocacy for continued funding, public awareness initiatives and generating contacts to help us build the database. If you are interested in joining this committee email 211midyork@unitedwayvgu.org.

Mid-York Advocates’ Committee

A second group, the Advocates’ Committee comprised of self-advocates, family members, peer advocates and professionals work to provide 2-1-1 Mid-York with customer-focused advice and feedback for DD InfoLink. Funded by the NYS Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, this specialty database provides details on resources designed to meet the needs of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The goal of this work is to provide a search-friendly way for individuals and families to connect with existing services and for the service community to gather information about what gaps in service exist. This regional committee plays a key role in the continued refinement of the Developmental Disabilities Data base and shapes its marketing plan. If you are interested in serving on this committee email 211midyork@unitedwayvgu.org.

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Questions about 2-1-1?
Email 211midyork@unitedwayvgu.org

Questions about your organization’s listing?
Email 211midyork@ABVI-Goodwill.com
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Goodwill of the Finger Lakes, Inc. staffs 2-1-1 Mid-York’s call center and resource department.
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