Dial 2-1-1 or 1-844-342-5211


Interested in being listed in 2-1-1 Mid-York?

Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
2-1-1 listed organizations meet an Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria (PDF).

Listing an organization with 2-1-1 Mid-York can be quite simple or a more extensive process. The variable is how much detail you decide to provide. Our purpose is to inform the public who are seeking information about your services. The details you provide to 2-1-1 Mid-York regarding any eligibility criteria drive the referral inquiries that you receive. Our goal is to provide 2-1-1 customers with the appropriate referrals within the community.

A Microsoft Word document is used to collect information about: an organization’s key contact information, program and location details. That word document is then e-mailed or faxed to the 2-1-1 Mid-York Resource Department. Once it is received, Resource Specialists review the survey document and enter it into an information and referral software program. Resource Specialists may call the contact person listed on the survey document to clarify or verifiy information during this process.

Create a New Listing
To create a new listing, access the 2-1-1 Mid-York survey form here (doc).
TIP: Remember to rename the file with the name of your organization and save it to your computer.
Email your listing to 211midyork@ABVI-Goodwill.com or fax to 585-327-5518.

Update your Listng or Report a Problem
Call 315-733-4691 x 225 or email 211midyork@unitedwayvgu.org

Listing with 2-1-1 Mid-York is free. We do ask that you keep us up-to-date with changes that impact your database listing. Email updates to 211midyork@ABVI-Goodwill.com

Annual Verification Required for Listing
We also require that you complete an annual verification. Programs not verified annually are removed from 2-1-1 Mid-York to insure that we continue to meet our high standards of accuracy and quality.

Add a 2-1-1 Button to your Website
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