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Expanded Syringe Access Program - Program
New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute

100 S Mall Arterial
Room 387
Albany, NY

Supports the selling and furnishing of sterile syringes without a medical prescription in quantities of ten (10), including the proper disposal of used syringes. Provides a resource that offers options for the safe disposal of used “sharps” — syringes, needles and lancets — to reduce the transmission of blood borne diseases, minimizing environmental waste and creating safer jurisdictions for the community and emergency medical staff.

Safety First Syringe Exchange - Program
ACR Health

287 Genesee Street
Suite 200
Utica, NY

Provides safe disposal of used syringes and new, sterile syringes. Provides vouchers for sterile syringes redeemable at Westside Family Pharmacy. Offers harm reduction education, training, and counseling; Opioid Overdose Prevention Program (OOPP) offers education, training, overdose aftercare counseling, and overdose prevention supplies; referrals for HIV/STD/Hepatitis C counseling and testing, health care, substance use programs, and social services. Offers free condoms.

Syringe Exchange Programs/ Health Hubs - Program
New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute

100 S Mall Arterial
Room 387
Albany, NY

Offers Syringe Exchange Programs (SEPs), which provide new, sterile syringes, naloxone/Narcan, HIV/HCV testing and an array of counseling/educational services at locations throughout New York State. Drug User Health Hubs are co-located at SEPs and provide accessible primary care, medication for opioid use disorder and Hepatitis C care and treatment. Locations are partnered community organizations.

Syringe Disposal - Program
Madison County Department of Solid Waste

6802 Buyea Road
Canastota, NY

Provides disposal services for syringes. Red sharps containers can be obtained at any Madison County Transfer Station. Once full, tape shut and bring container back to designated drop off location. 


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