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Kids Herkimer


* Provides five programs:
  • The Family Reunification Program: focuses on shortening the length of stay of out-of-home placement for identified “at-risk” youth in Herkimer County.
  • Return Home Early Program: Herkimer County children in residential placement care are assessed for their readiness and appropriateness to return home prior to their court-ordered expiration date.
  • Intensive Preventive Program: designed to work with the highest intensity DSS families that have at least one child at risk of placement outside the home due to PINS/JD issues or neglect/abuse in the home.
  • Service Provision for Individual Needs (SPIN): referrals are made for single “a la carte” services to complement other preventive services already working with the family.
  • Detention Diversion Program (DDP): developed in response to the need for decreased use of non-secure detention days in Herkimer County; a DDP coordinator advocates for those youth at risk for court ordered detention and possibly long term out-of-home placement.

Eligibility: Must have an open case with Herkimer County Department of Social Services, children age 6 to 18 years.

Application Process: Must be referred through Department of Social Services.

Required Documentation: None.

Fees: No fee for services.

Herkimer County.


ICAN provides intensive wraparound services to children and their families in the home, school and community with a mission of keeping families together.

310 Main Street
Utica NY 13501

Website: ican.family

Hours: M-F 8:30AM-4:30PM


After Hours:
315-792-9039 (Currently enrolled clients only)

301 North Washington Street
Herkimer NY 13350


24 hours


Steve Yaworski
Kids Herkimer Director

This program is offered at this site:

ICAN Herkimer

Main Address:

301 North Washington Street

Herkimer NY 13350

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