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Death Certification/Burial Arrangements

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Burial Assistance - Program
Herkimer County Department of Social Services

301 N Washington Street, Suite 2110
Herkimer, NY

Provides burial assistance when a Temporary Assistance or other indigent person residing in Herkimer County dies leaving no funds or insurance sufficient to pay the cost of a burial.

Burials - Program
Madison County Department of Social Services

133 N Court Street
Madison County Complex, Building 1

Provides financial assistance for burials for deceased county residents whose estate cannot provide for a burial.

Crime Prevention and Victim Services - Program
New York State Office of Victim Services

80 S Swan Street, 2nd Floor
AE Smith Building
Albany, NY

Provides compensation to innocent victims of crime. Funds direct services to crime victims via a network of community-based programs Advocates for the rights and benefits of all innocent crime victims Offers financial relief to innocent crime victims as a last resort. Medical and funeral expenses Loss of earnings or support Funding for counseling for the victim and certain family members Crime scene clean-up Repair/Replacement of essential personal property up to $500 Court transportation …

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